Oktoberfest May Be in the Calendar’s Rear-View Mirror, But Its Tasty Beverages Still Pour Forth

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Oktoberfest may be gone, but its flavors are still around and enjoyable.

U.S. marketers don’t get Germany’s Octoberfest exactly correct. First, it starts in late Sept. Second, it’s not the month-long brew-ha-ha advertisers here hope to make it; it lasts only a week abroad. So given its local flexibility, now’s as good a time as any for beer fans to keep sipping. Henry Savage, at The Philadelphia Inquirer, headed up the project to find best-in-the area recommendations for seasonal beer.

The general cooldown in weather seems to affect the local beer-making process in general: colors darken; taste profiles deepen and strengthen.

The Phila. area has emerged as a prime spot for brewers, both professional and amateur. As leaves drop and frost appears, they continue to pour forth seasonally flavored beers that pair well with a post-leaf-raking session or a tight Eagles game on TV.

The Montgomery County–bred brew cited for area excellence is Festbier, from Forest & Main Brewing Co., Ambler.

Savage’s Inquirer review calls it “…a likely contender for Philly’s favorite fall beer.

“Brewed with German Pilsner, Munich malts, and Hallertau Select hops, then slowly fermented with Forest & Main’s house lager yeast, Festbier delivers a classic Munich beer punch.

“The result is a light honey color brew tasting of apple strudel and lemongrass tea.”

The complete list of best brews is at The Philadelphia Inquirer.


A look at Oktoberfest 2022; it’s been over in Germany for almost a month
(this video shows the Munich version), but U.S. beer fans can still enjoy its flavors.

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