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Ellie Moniz’s “Ambler Theater” watercolor. Moniz is a suburban Philadelphia artist who specializes in Delaware Valley cityscapes and landscapes. Check out more of her whimsical, yet realistic watercolors at EllieMoniz.com.

MONTCO Today is more than just a news site; think of us as your go-to community journal for all things positive in Montgomery County.

In an age dominated by grievance and doomerism, we’re here to celebrate the good stuff — whether it’s the vibrant local culture, economic achievements, or the simple joys of community life.

We steer clear of crime, accident, fire, or political stories, choosing instead to spotlight the successes in individual achievements, business growth and innovation, educational advancements, arts, tourism, and outdoor adventure across Montgomery County and beyond.

MONTCO Today delivers the stories that matter locally and remind us that we live in a special time and place. Each post is 100-percent original and written by people for people.

Why do so many love reading MONTCO Today? Well, for starters, we sift through a sea of news to bring you the best of Montgomery County — from Collegeville to Conshohocken and King of Prussia, from Norristown to Pottstown, and everywhere in between.

Our stories are ones you might not find easily, especially if they’re tucked away behind a paywall or in a far corner of the vast Internet. Our curated stories are tailored to provide the most relevant details to local readers while ensuring they remain properly sourced, accurate, balanced, and engaging.

We get that your mornings are busy. That’s why we send you a crisp, to-the-point newsletter with the day’s top stories. You’ll find it in your inbox every morning, except Sundays.

Our stories are like a breath of fresh air — short, factual, and free of fluff. Plus, we’re big believers in the power of positivity. While mainstream media often focuses on what’s wrong and what’s broken, we’re committed to challenging that narrative by sharing positive news that uplifts and strengthens our 80,000 Montgomery County subscribers and social media followers.

But we don’t do it alone. We team up with local businesses and organizations to spotlight the good they’re doing. Through these partnerships, we create content that not only informs but enriches your life.

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Just to be clear, we’re not a journalism project. We’re a community journal that aims to make a positive impact. Come be a part of it! Subscribe today.

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