Happy Hounds, No Hangovers: Telford Bakery Turns Spent Grains from Brewing Beer into Dog Treats

woman at Brewscuits stand
Image via Brewscuits at Facebook.
Brewscuits company manager Jennifer Godshall.

The eureka moment for Brewscuits, a Telford pet-treat business, happened a decade ago when a pair of dog owners found their rescued Weimaraner happily eating the spent grains from their home brewing hobby. From there, the idea to package pet treats made from barley, oats, and rye simply bubbled up. Justin Backover cracked open the story for WFMZ 69 News.

“We use the spent grains from the beer brewing process — all the good grains for dogs: barley, oats, and rye,” said company manager Jennifer Godshall.

“They have natural fiber; they sustain the sugar levels and appetites in dogs; and the sugar burns slowly and steadily,” she explained.

The spent grains are mixed with egg, flour, and then either pumpkin, peanut butter, or sweet potato. Among its local suppliers are breweries that include Free Will Brewing Company.

As important as what’s in the product is perhaps what is not: Brewscuits contain no hops, alcohol, or preservatives.

“The one thing we want is stuff that’s good and healthy for our pets and so it just makes you feel good when you produce a great product,” Godshall said.

The bones for dogs (there’s a catnip variety made as well) are available at:

  • The bakery’s location in Telford
  • The Lansdale and Telford Farmer’s Markets
  • Some of its supplying breweries.

More information on Brewscuits is at WFMZ 69 News.