Feline Version of National Dog Show to Saunter into the Oaks Expo Center in Dec.

cat on a table
Image via the LCWW at The Philadelphia Inquirer.
A judge from Loving Cats Worldwide examines a blue point ragdoll cat.

Me-Yow! Area cat fans who tire of those canine-crazy competitors at the annual fall National Dog Show can take heart. This Dec. 17, a feline version of the same type of event wanders into the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, well after the drooling dogs have gone. Stephanie Farr sharpened her journalistic claws to report the tabby trial in The Philadelphia Inquirer coverage of the 2022 Philadelphia Cat Extravaganza.

The event is not a mere vendor show, although it will feature retailers and professional portrait opportunities.

It is, like its American Kennel Club counterpart, a judged breed competition that will arrive at a Best in Show distinction.

Organizing body Loving Cats Worldwide (LCWW) is a Portugal-based authority on and registration organization for cat breeds.

The Philadelphia Cat Extravaganza will have hundreds of kitties onsite with owners grooming and primping them (just like the dog folk) before they head into breed-specific rings for judging.

Eighty cat breeds will be evaluated; subgroups will be age divided:

  • Kitten (4–6 months)
  • Junior (6–10 months)
  • Champion (10+ months)

The judging is on tables, and a scratching post is positioned nearby to keep claws busy throughout.

From there, ten finalists are winnowed to three, based on age. And from that trio, the top cat is named.

More on the tail — er, tale — of the 2022 Philadelphia Cat Extravaganza (including ticket details) is in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

This video shows the judging results of a 2012 Cat Fanciers’ Association show in Ohio.

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