Supply-Chain Disruptions a Serious Concern for Local Retailers as They Prep for Holiday Shopping

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Image via Out There Outfitters.

As customers begin to return to the stores eager to shop, local small business owners are now facing another issue — supply-chain disruptions, writes Meghan Keivel Cruz for the National Retail Federation.

Over the past 18 months, the pandemic has placed substantial strains on global supply chains. The strain is making it more difficult for retailers to source their products efficiently, affordably, and with timeliness.

These significant challenges are causing worry for Main Street retailers nationwide, including those in Montgomery County and Chester County.

As the holiday season approaches, small business owners are stuck with more questions than answers on how they will be able to properly stock their shelves, keep their prices reasonable, and serve customers.

“While consumer demand has increased, and we are expecting that to continue through the holidays, I am worried I will not have sufficient product to meet the demand,” said Sarah McDonald of Wayne’s Out There Outfitters, one of the area’s largest suppliers of outdoor clothing and gear.

In addition to product shortages, retailers also face increased shipping costs and surcharges. These obstacles may force them to raise prices.

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