New Director of Abington Friends School’s Upper School Wants to Become ‘Fluent in Quakerism,’ Focus on Equity

Brendon Jobs at Abington Friends School
Image via Philadelphia Business Journal, Abington Friends School.

Brendon Jobs, the new Director of Upper School at Abington Friends School, brings both big goals and years of experience in diverse academic institutions to his new role, writes Lisa Dukart for the Philadelphia Business Journal.

But first, the former director of diversity, equity, and inclusion at the Haverford School wants to get to know his new school as best as possible.

AFS is a coeducational, college-preparatory school for students from age 3 through Grade 12, deeply rooted in Quaker values.

“I want to get fluent in Quakerism, not become a Quaker, but really get proximate to what differentiates a Quaker education from any other type of education,” he said.

He also plans to work closely with the DEI lead at Abington Friends, Mikael Israel, and explore some new ideas that have been emerging in the diversity and equity spaces, such as the one presented by the book “Grading for Equity.”

“It’s the idea that the way that grades are set up in school are not really equitable,” Brendon Jobs said. “Maybe homework is assessing a person’s life circumstances outside of the school day more so than it is assessing their understanding of any given subject or topic.”

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