Haverford School Students Create All-in-One College App FuzeMee

FuzeMee guys
Images via FuzeMee Facebook.
Jon Krouse, Chris Tsetsekos, and David Graham, co-founders of FuzeMee.

Chris Tsetsekos, a Haverford School student, co-created an all-in-one college app FuzeMee that helps students find friends, roommates, and events on their campus, writes Richard Gaw for the Chester County Press.

Image via FuzeMee.

Tsetsekos and his two Haverford School classmates Jon Krouse and David Graham realized there was a need for a social media platform for college students last year, as they were waiting to start their college education at their respective schools.

They started working with a software developer to create FuzeMee, a free app that is scheduled to be introduced at Tufts University—where Tsetsekos will be studying—in September.

Subsequently, the app will be phased into other schools.

The app will allow students to meet new friends, find a roommate, browse campus events, and promote their clubs or organizations.

Most importantly, the app can be tailored to a specific college or university.

The trio already managed to raise $800,000 in initial seed round investments, which will be spent on software development and staff.

“By using this capital, we will be able to accelerate our progress to reach more students and help make their college experience a great one – from start to finish,” said Tsetsekos.

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