Abington Friends School Center for Experiential Learning Immerses Students in Real-Life Experiences

Images via Abington Friends School.

At Abington Friends School, finding the best ways to educate, mentor and support their students is essential, and they are leaders in creating  experience-based learning.

This kind of  learning imparts knowledge to students because they are deeply involved in the lessons, which also results in being more useful to the students in the real world.

AFS has found by immersing students in project-based lessons, they are developing skills and hands-on knowledge that prepares them for the future. Allowing students to do a deep dive into their individual interests keeps them engaged while learning. 

AFS students learn about farming and gardening.

This type of education shows that students learn best from more long-term involvement and can provide a depth of knowledge in topics that the students like and want to learn more about, like stewardship for the environment, food insecurity, or medical ethics. 

At Abington Friends School, their Center for Experiential Learning holds engaging sessions that keep the students interested, learning new skills, helping others, conflict resolution, creative thinking, and active listening. 

FarmEx and ChefEx are two new programs at AFS’ Center for Experiential Learning. These small group programs are designed to engage and ignite passion in a subject for a lifetime, not just one semester. 

FarmEx teaches students about agriculture, gardening, beekeeping, and balanced nutrition, creating a stronger sense of self and community to the food the students grow themselves. Students and faculty mentors are currently creating the AFS Farm, which will be a great spot to see during a visit to campus.

ChefEx takes that gardening and agriculture philosophy to the kitchen with creative healthy meals to sustain oneself, as well as bonding with other students who find the Earth calling to them. Current AFS faculty connect novice cooks to professional chefs and culinary experts. 

Abington Friends School has been creating programming and connections for the BizEx, MedEx and LawEx program over the past three years as well. These programs continue to grow beyond the classroom based on the interest of students. 

Find out more about the Center for Experiential Learning at Abington Friends School, and find your children learning from new daily experiences.

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