Time to Play! Join Abington Friends School for a Preschool Preview Playdate on Wednesday, June 30

Abington friends school kids preschool
Join Abington Friends School for a Preschool Preview Playdate on Wednesday, June 30.
Abington Friends School

Looking for a school with great values and education, as well as a school where they can begin their journey to college? Look no further and come to a playdate with bington Friends School!

Join the preschool team at the Preschool Preview Playdate on Wednesday, June 30, at 9:30 a.m. 

Get out of the house, have fun and learn at AFS on Wednesday, June 30 and enjoy storytime with Paula.

The playdate invite is for children ages two to five, and feature an outdoor activity and a peek into the AFS curriculum.

Abington Friends School preschool classes are focused on the principle that students are at the heart of the learning experience. 

Early literacy and mathematical learning experiences are skillfully woven throughout the fabric of the day in our preschool classrooms. The preschool faculty has a collective teaching experience of over 25 years working with preschoolers.

The relationships among our students, teachers and families are the foundation of an incredibly strong and vibrant learning community.

At AFS, young people thrive through teaching methods that balance the thoughtful cultivation of students’ interests with a passion for joyful learning that helps develops new academic skills.

Through extensive outdoor play and exploration, preschool students learn how to navigate shared spaces and enhance their ability to connect and communicate with each other, as well as offering opportunities to interact while playing and working throughout the day.

This helps the young students develop empathy and understanding.

AFS students also work collaboratively on small group and whole-class projects in addition to working one-on-one with a teacher to practice early learning skills that are important for future academic growth.

One AFS Preschool parent sums it up quite well: “We chose AFS for preschool because we thought this school had something that many other places lacked. That was deep history and tradition. Later on, AFS became part of our family and that’s why we choose to stay each year.” – Current Preschool Parent, Andre

All Preschool Previews are outside, and they ask all parents and children (regardless of age) to wear masks and complete a health pre-screening.

Advance registration is encouraged.

Find out more about Abington Friends School and what they can offer your preschooler.

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