Philadelphians Flying to Florida Again; the Rest of the World, Not So Much

Image via Tom Gralish, The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Leisure travel from Philadelphia International Airport to places like Florida is returning, but officials are still looking at a 3- to 5-year recovery because of low demand for business and international flights, writes Catherine Dunn for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

American Airlines, the airport’s dominant airline, continues to see strong demand for Philadelphians booking trips to Florida and to St. Thomas in May, says  Brian Znotins, American’s vice president of network planning.  

American Airlines still flies internationally to Mexico and the Caribbean from PHL and has restarted flights to London and Dublin.

The airline is planning on about 300 departures a day in the summer, about a third smaller than normal.

It’s also adding routes to Asheville, N.C. in April, and to Bozeman, Mont.; Salt Lake City, Utah; and Traverse City, Mich., in June.

“A lot of leisure travel is starting to happen, people are starting to make plans as they get vaccinated,” says PHL CEO Chelle Cameron.  “But we are not seeing business travel come back in any kind of meaningful way.”

Business travel has dropped from 45 to 50 percent of flights to 10 percent.

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