Serb Pharmaceuticals Plans to Hire Employees at West Conshohocken HQ

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Serb Pharmaceuticals plans to bring jobs to Montgomery County. The Belgium-based company acquired the rights to a blood-clotting reversal drug after the previous developer, PhaseBio was sued.  

The company plans to onboard 100 employees this year, with a substantial number of them in its West Conshohocken office.  

Serb was created after three companies, BTG Specialty, Serb, and Veriton Pharma combined between 2020–2021, reported John George for the Philadelphia Business Journal.  

PhaseBio, which also has an office in Malvern, was originally overseeing the development of the clotting reversal drug bentracimab. It filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy protection following a lawsuit by SFJ Pharmaceuticals, a New Jersey firm.  

As a result, PhaseBio transferred assets from the clinical program to SFJ for $32.9 million.  

SFJ then entered into a licensing deal with Serb to give it rights for bentracimab, a reversal agent for the anti–blood clotting drug ticagrelor. Bentracimabis in its last phase of testing.  

Read more about the West Conshohocken-headquartered pharmaceutical company in the Philadelphia Business Journal.  

What is a Chapter 11 bankruptcy?

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