New Study Finds Pennsylvanians Are Not That Keen on Divorce

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Pennsylvania has ranked among the states with the lowest divorce rates in the country, writes Claudia Dimuro for The Morning Call.

PennStakes, a website that dives into online betting, decided to create a study in honor of National Ex-Spouses’ Day (Apr. 14) by looking at the odds of a marriage surviving in each state.

To compile the ranking, the website used data from the National Center for Health Statistics. The data were divided by location to determine each state’s divorce rate.

The Keystone State ranked at No. 32, which it shared with South Carolina. This position solidified Pennsylvania’s place at the lower end of the divorce spectrum, with a divorce rate of just 2.4 percent.

“As couples communicate and disagree on a daily basis, each relationship tries to build on its foundations and build toward the future with children, a backyard, and a solid career for each,” states the study. “As it turns out, Pennsylvanians are doing just that.”

Meanwhile, somewhat unsurprisingly the state with the highest divorce rate is Nevada, while the states with the lowest divorce rates are Texas, Illinois, and Massachusetts.

Read more about the study in The Morning Call.

States with the lowest divorce rates have these in common.

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