How Might Immigration Policy Reform Impact Pennsylvania, Neighboring States

WalletHub's Economic Impact of Immigration by State ranked Pennsylvania 17th on the list of states which states benefit most from immigration.

With the immigration-policy reform already underway by the new administration, WalletHub has conducted an in-depth analysis of 2017’s Economic Impact of Immigration by State to determine which parts of the country will feel the worst impacts of the changes.

WalletHub’s analysts compared the 50 states and the District of Columbia across 18 key metrics in order to determine which states benefit most from immigration.

The metrics included median household income of foreign-born population, jobs generated by immigrant-owned businesses as a share of total jobs, and the economic contribution of international students per capita.

According to the analysis, the states where immigrants have the biggest economic impact are California, New Jersey and New York. States with the lowest economic impact from immigrants are South Dakota, Kentucky, and Mississippi.

Pennsylvania ranked relatively high on the list, placing seventeenth with a total impact score of 41.16.

And while the state’s Socioeconomic Contribution rank placed it significantly lower, at 29, the worrying numbers come from the Brain Gain and Innovation rankings, which placed the commonwealth at 11.

Pennsylvania also found itself at number 7 based on the International Students metric, and it ranked fifth in the category of Highest Percent of Jobs Created by the Presence of International Students.


photo credit: Epi Ren Baltimore Immigrant Protest 16FEB17 via photopin (license)

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