Weekend Pet Expo in Oaks Highlights All Things Furry, Feathered, or Finned

pet expo alpaca
Image via Family Pet Shows at Facebook.
The 2023 Pet Expo this weekend will have an Alpaca pack.

The 2023 Greater Philadelphia Pet Expo is trotting, crawling, swimming, and even slithering into the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center, Oaks, Mar, 10–12.

The popular event is an all-encompassing celebration of the various animals humans choose to share their lives with. It fills the center’s halls with attractions, performances, animal encounters, adoption opportunities, pet essentials for sale, and food for humans and other species.

Attendees may bring their own pets, provided they (the pets, that is) are leashed and well behaved.

“This event is the largest and most popular show we do,” said show co-producer Karen Garetano of Family Pet Shows, which runs several similar events in the northeast.

Participating organizations and performers include:

  • Gail Mirabella and her Disc Dogs and a new program The Dynamo Dogs
  • A canine lure course, on which sighthounds chase scented items dragged at high speed
  • Rainforest Reptiles, a live demonstration
  • Adventure Bunny Rabbit Hopping and Agility, an obstacle course
  • The International Cat Show
  • Friendly alpacas

Responsible Fun

“We always have fun at these events, but we also are strong supporters of responsible pet ownership and humane values when it comes to all issues involving animals and pets,” said Garetano.

“We partner with several community organizations, shelters, veterinarians, and animal lovers … when it comes to best practices for training, feeding and all aspects of pet care.”

Rescue Animals

Community and rescue organizations participating in the show include:

  • Greater Philadelphia Search & Rescue
  • Noah’s Ark Rescue Project & Sanctuary
  • The Philly Bully Team (Pit Bull rescue organization)
  • The Animal House Project (pet food and equipment donation nonprofit)
  • Forgotten Felines No More
  • 3 Husketeers Rescue (Husky-centric shelter)
  • Brandywine Valley SPCA

Certifications for Good Dogs

The American Kennel Club (AKC) will also be onsite evaluating handler/canine teams for its Canine Good Citizen (CGC) designation.

All breeds — including those of mixed heritage — are eligible to take the test. Passing it successfully yields a certificate from the AKC and the attachment of CGC initials to the dog’s registered name.


Ticket costs and times vary by date:

  • Mar. 10:
    • Family night hours: 4–9 PM
    • Children under 12 are free
    • Teens/adults are $15
  • Mar. 11:
    • Hours: 10 AM to 7 PM
    • Children under three are free
    • Kids 4–11 are $6
    • Teens/adults are $15
  • Mar. 12:
    • Hours: 10 AM to 5 PM
    • Children under three are free
    • Kids 4–11 are $6
    • Teens/adults are $15

Further details on the 2023 Greater Philadelphia Pet Expo are on the website of presenting organization Family Pet Shows.


A video look at the Canine Good Citizen test.

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