This Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office Employee Thrums with Excitement over Catching Bad Guys

criminal skiff is trained to hold
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A Montgomery County Sheriff’s Office employee is so into his daily law enforcement role, he’s been known to quiver with excitement at the prospect of bringing in criminals. Sabrina Boyd-Surka profiled him for KYW Newsradio.

His name is Skiff.

No last name.

Because he’s a dog.

Corporal Trevor Keller and Skiff; image via
Holli Stephens at
KYW Newsradio.

To qualify for his K-9 role in the county, Skiff underwent rigorous training at the Penn Vet Working Dog Center, a Philadelphia canine career-prep training facility.

Partner to and owner of this K-9 resource is Corporal Trevor Keller, in the warrant division.

“He literally will shake until I allow him to do the job that he’s there to do,” Keller says. “He’s just so excited to work.”

The four-legged crime-stopper gets excited because “work” for him is really play. When he catches a criminal or finds drugs, he gets rewarded with a toy.

Skiff is trained to grasp someone with his teeth until Keller intervenes. But only when necessary.

“A lot of having the dog is deterrence,” Keller says. “We might get someone inside [a] house that just hears a dog and they surrender to us, come out, and that’s a perfect situation.”

More on Skiff is at KYW Newsradio.


A video tour of the Penn Vet Working Dog Center

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