Injured Tabby with Seasonally Appropriate Name Rescued in Colmar

Image via Stray Cat Blues at Facebook.
Cupid, recovering at Stray Cat Blues in Colmar.

Cupid, an injured tabby wandering the Bucks and Montgomery County border since late Jan. is now safe. The California Sun reported his story.

The stray was either the victim of an animal-abuse incident or tragic happenstance. In either case, he had been struck by an arrow, which remained lodged in his neck/shoulder.

He was first spotted by a home surveillance camera in Barto. That homeowner reported the video capture, and the notice came to Stray Cat Blues, a Montco cat rescue in Colmar.

Heather Heilman, the organization’s trapper, took on the challenge of bringing the injured cat to safety. With her on the case, the wayward, injured feline’s prospects brightened immediately.

Hileman eventually found the wayward feline and delivered him to the Quakertown Veterinary Clinic for treatment.

She also became his temporary mom, nursing him back to health.

The animal cruelty case is still being investigated.

Cupid, named for the holiday adjacent to his rescue, is recovering well but is not yet cleared for adoption.

“When I got him home, I just sat next to him, talked to him, put my hand out,” Heilman said. “He slowly rubbed his head up against my hand, and I knew he must have been somebody’s cat because he was friendly.”

Cupid’s full story is at The California Sun. Know in advance that the story contains images that some readers may find upsetting.


Cupid is not yet available for adoption, but Stray Cat Blues has plenty of pets that are; this video highlights just one.

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