The Philly Area Has Highest Percentage of Cat Owners in Nation

cat lovers
Image via iStock.

Philadelphians are true animal lovers: while more households own dogs, the Philadelphia metropolitan area has the highest percentage of cat ownership among the 15 largest metro areas across the country, writes Alfred Lubrano for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

According to 2021 U.S. Census figures, 568,000 Philadelphia-area households, or 23 percent, have cats. Seattle is second with 22 percent and Phoenix placed third with 21 percent.

“There’s something about Philly,” said owner Kimberly Davis. “We are so into saving cats.”

While dogs live in more households in the region, 788,000, or 32 percent, this ranks only eighth nationwide.

Despite their differences, pet and dog people tend to think similarly when it comes to naming their best friends.

According to a nationwide survey released on Tuesday by Rover, four of the five top male cat names in Philadelphia are the same as four of the five top male dog names: Charlie, Max, Leo, and Milo. The same thing is true for female cats and dogs, with Luna, Bella, Lucy, and Lily being among the top five for both.

Nationwide, trending names in 2022 include Pfizer for dogs and Covid and Dr. Fauci for cats. Read more about pet ownership in The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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