Inspired by Overcoming Her Own Weight Struggles, Willow Grove Student Targets Fitness Career

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Image via the Eastern Center for Arts & Technology at the Upper Moreland-Willow Grove Patch.
Vanessa Hurgunow.

Upper Moreland student Vanessa Hurgunow is in her senior year at the township’s public high school, but she’s already enrolled in coursework she intends to lead to a health-fitness career. It’s a goal with special resonance for Hurgunow, who struggled with weight in her childhood. Jon Campisi stretched his journalistic muscles reporting her story in the Upper Moreland-Willow Grove Patch.

Hurgunow is accessing Exercise Science and Rehabilitation coursework at Willow Grove’s Eastern Center for Arts & Technology. It’s a first-ever offering for the institution in this concentration, making Hurgunow something of a pioneer for navigating it.

Hurgunow embarked on a fitness journey at age 13.

She started on her mother’s stationary bike, looking to build muscle and trim her figure. She then joined a local gym and got into powerlifting and competitive bodybuilding.

Her interest has evolved into a professional desire to educate and train others in healthy lifestyles.

“It is my passion to see other people become healthy and get interested in their health and fitness,” she said.

She intends to leverage the Eastern Center’s relationship with Montgomery County Community College to roll her coursework into accreditation.

From there, she’s targeting a four-year degree in physical therapy.

The Upper Moreland-Willow Grove Patch has the complete story of the physical, academic, and professional journey of Vanessa Hurgunow.

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