Burn, Then Replenish Calories at Normandy Farm Workout Sessions


women flexing outdoors
Image via Normandy Farm at Facebook.
Burn Boot Camp Blue, at Normandy Farm this Sept.

Already anticipating the Freshman 15? Need a way to tone up for a fall wedding? Normandy Farm has got your back (and abs, and glutes). Its series of Sept. exercise classes — Burn Boot Camp Blue — can jump start a workweek with a major calorie burn. Then, participants can, if they choose, replace some of those lost electrolytes and proteins with an award-winning breakfast.

Burn Boot Camp Blue (the Blue is for Blue Bell, Normandy Farm’s setting) is a hybrid program of intensity and gritty effort, combined with unparalleled positivity, motivation, encouragement, and teamwork.

All participants need to bring are a water bottle and a towel.

The optional brunch that follows — named one of Montco’s Best — is $44.95 per person (plus tax and gratuity). Exercisers who choose to stay for it are highly advised to make reservations by calling 215.616.8300 or reserving spots online.

The outdoor classes at the Normandy Farm Grand Garden (Sept. 11, 18, and 25) begin at 8:45 a.m. (participants are asked to arrive 10 minutes beforehand) and run 45 minutes. Brunch follows immediately, for those remaining for it.

Burn Boot Camp is a national fitness program that seeks to build confidence, happiness, and disciplines in mentally, emotionally, and physically strong women.

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