Fitness-Focused Norristown Native Launches Virtual Workout Studio During Pandemic

Image via Jordan Deene, Philadelphia Magazine.

Jordan Deane, a Norristown native and Perkiomen Valley High School graduate, left his job at the gym during the pandemic to launch CUTLOOSE, a virtual studio and lifestyle brand, writes Gina Tomaine for Philadelphia Magazine.

The certified personal trainer, spin instructor, and sports nutrition consultant uses his brand, which is about having the “I can do anything” mentality, to show people there is nothing that can hold them back.


Jordan and his wife Emily in their studio during a fitness class.


Now in his new studio, Deane specializes in training clients virtually and in-person. Throughout the week, he also teaches virtual fitness classes and an after-school program called CUTLOOSE KIDS.


Following a healthy lifestyle has always been important to Deane. He was a wrestler for more than 15 years and has been active his entire life. His happiest moments come from helping others and making them feel great.

He is also one of the staunchest advocates of active living.

“The body is meant to move,” he said. “Our bodies and our minds begin to fail us when we become stagnant.”

He also makes sure to let everybody know that “fitness is welcoming to all body sizes and encouraging to all fitness levels.”

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