Montco Vintner, a State-Best for Wines, Emerges from Disaster to Do Grape Things Again

couple toasting
Image via Karamoor Estate Vineyard & Winery at Facebook.
The Terrace at Karamoor, whose newly renovated — somewhat delayed — tasting room can be seen on the left.

The Terrace at Karamoor, a Blue Bell tasting room, has finally opened after a two-year run of bad luck. Paul Vigna chronicled its phoenix-like rise from ashes for Penn Live Patriot News.

The double-whammy of woe that hit the site started in fall 2020. A fire severely damaged a barn amid its transformation to new tasting room. It erased nearly five years of planning and construction.

Then, as plans were gelling to resurrect it, the pandemic caused additional delays.

Now, however, the new structure on Butler Pike is open, serving Karamoor’s vintages that have been recognized as best in the state.

Better, its more visible location is sure to better catch the eye of potential customers, more so than another tasting room further nestled onto the property.

The newly opened site retains some of the former barn. Beams that survived the fire now hold a roof whose shade augments the cover provided by umbrellas. Both are designed to make for comfortable seating at the tasting tables.

The setting is now ideal for a relaxing late-summer afternoon, as outdoor temperatures begin to sink with the setting sun.

More on The Terrace at Karamoor is at Penn Live Patriot News.

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