New Chicago Craft Brew Has Fort Washington Roots


Chrysos is a limited-edition barrel-aged saison, a collaboration between the Chicago-based brewery and Karamoor Estate Wines.

Created in collaboration with Karamoor Estate Wines in Fort Washington, Chicago-based Goose Island Beer Company’s limited-edition Chrysos beer is only available locally and is well worth seeking out, writes Julia Hatmaker for Penn Live.

For anyone eager to try it, the beer is only available on draft at $8 for 12-ounces and you will first have to head to the Osteria restaurant from the Vetri Family of Restaurants in Philadelphia. Following its debut there on December 13, the beer will make its way to Vetri’s other restaurants.

The very first sip of the new brew will uncover the influence of wine, which is curiously earthy with faint notes of the black cherry from the brewing process which uses old Cabernet Franc wine barrels.

While this is not their first foray into aging beer in wine barrels, Austin Niestrom, Goose Island’s brewer, expressed the brewery’s excitement over the collaboration.

“I think using our Cabernet Franc barrels was a wonderful choice,” noted Karamoor’s winemaker, Kevin Robinson. “It gave a really nice earth element to the beer as it does to our wine, some nice fruit components, a little bit of dried cherries but also the forest floor, wet earth element.”

Read more about the new brew at Penn Live by clicking here.

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