King of Prussia Pharma Company Enters Phase Three for Easy-to-Consume Prostate Treatment

man with hand at his neck taking Tavanta
Image via iStock.
Tavanta Therapeutics, King of Prussia, is advancing on trials of a prostate treatment that is easier for elderly patients to swallow.

Tavanta Therapeutics, King of Prussia, has reached phase three of clinical trials associated with TAVT-45, a pipeline of specialty drugs to treat prostate cancer in men who also have difficulty swallowing.

The new suspension formula is intended to work despite patient experience of dysphagia, a labored effort to move any solid substance (food, medications) from the mouth to the stomach. Prostate patients with this malady represent 20–30 percent of those being treated. The condition is also known to increase as men age, and that advancement in years concurrently puts them at increased risk for prostate cancer.

Tavanta is targeting patients with two varieties of the condition: metastatic castrate-sensitive prostate cancer (mCSPC) and metastatic castrate-resistant prostate cancer (mCRPC). They differ in responsiveness to testosterone-lowering drugs that slow (or fail to slow) cancer growth.

 TAVT-45 is designed to provide an easy-to-consume oral suspension of abiraterone acetate, reconstituted in water or juice.

“As we work to complete this registrational trial for TAVT-45, we will begin preparing for the submission of our New Drug Application (NDA) to the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in the third quarter of 2023, while also evaluating strategic options for commercialization of TAVT-45,” said Lynne Powell, Tavanta Therapeutics CEO.