King of Prussia PR Account Exec Succeeds in Working from Home: Skin Treatment On, Camera Off, Cat in Lap

dana good
Image via LinkedIn.
Dana Good.

Dana Good, a King of Prussia public relations account executive, organized her personal and professional lives to succeed in a completely remote career. Robin Madell, MSN, reported how Good balances responsibilities at home and on the job.

“I’m so grateful that I started my career virtually,” Good said. “It’s been the best thing for me.”

Good works at FischTank PR, a New York City firm where she spent time as a virtual intern.

She finds the upsides plentiful.

“Daily walks in the morning and evening are crucial for me,” she said. “I can take doctors’ appointments more easily, and I eat a lot less take-out food, as I have time to cook and experiment with meal prepping … .

“Also, I get to work with my cat in my lap …, which helps with my well-being.”

Her personal-professional balance is solid, but flexible. She admits to telling a colleague on a video conference call that she was not engaging her camera so she could leave a skin-treatment face mask on.

The colleague understood the request for privacy; she told Good she had whitened her teeth earlier that same morning.

Complete details on Dana Good and her burgeoning career are at MSN.


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