Singer Pink Remembers Her Father After His Passing, Honoring the Man Who Taught Her ‘To Thine Own Self Be True’

Pink, Jim Moore, MTV 2007
Image via Pink at Instagram.
Pink and her dad, Jim Moore, onstage together at a 2007 MTV concert.
Pink and her father, Jim Moore.
Pink and her father, Jim Moore.
Image via Pink at Instagram

Late last week, Pink told her fans of the passing of her father, Jim Moore. Mohid Moosani, in Screen Binge, covered the grief she openly decided to share with fans.

Pink posted an emotionally charged picture on her Instagram page: a photo of her as a child, dancing with her dad.

She captioned it Til forever.

Moore was a Vietnam veteran who was fighting prostate cancer.

Although no specific cause of death was cited, the entertainer did update fans that he was hospitalized recently for another round of chemotherapy.

She also said that he had fallen off a ladder, fracturing his back.

In 2007, Pink brought Moore onstage with her at an MTV concert.

She told the audience: “This is a really special evening because the first time my dad’s ever performed in front of a group is going to be right now. So, can we get my favorite person in the whole world out here tonight? My daddy, Mr. Jim Moore? Can we give him lots of love?”

In 2019, she shared another picture of him on Instagram, when his illness was evident. She noted his appearance and contrasted it with his upbeat mood.

“Oh, Dad. How amazing it is to watch you whistle through Hell,” she posted.

More on the deep relationship between the singer and her father is at Screen Binge.