Plymouth Meeting Leader Promotes Golf for Women, Noting Its Value as Career Driver

WGGB female golfer
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WGGB works to illustrate to golf as a worthy skill for businesswomen.

Alexandra Frazier is president and one of the founders of Women Golfers Give Back (WGGB) a Plymouth Meeting outreach that encourages time with the sticks among female players. Frazier, whose organization will celebrate two decades of operation next year, spoke with Gina Lizzo at Main Line Today.

Frazier and her collaborators created WGGB to address what they saw as a shortfall in the game, namely its lack of overt encouragement of female athletes.

To counter that, the organization starts extolling the virtues of golf to girls as young as seven.

“We fund 13 golf programs that start young girls on the path of learning the game,” she explained. “From there, girls … are mentored by a female pro with the goal of receiving a college scholarship.”

Illustrating career implications of worthy golf skills is one of the organization’s fundamentals.

“Professional men get to network and grow their businesses on the golf course, so why shouldn’t women be able to do the same?” Frazier points out.

“Girls gain an understanding of how to manage their temperament, their attitude, and their outlook.

“You can’t control the weather or the speed of the greens, but you can control how you choose to approach your shots and the decisions you make on the course. This directly translates to life,” she concluded.

More on WGGB is at Main Line Today.

A good golf game begins with a good swing, regardless if the player is a woman or a man.