Fort Washington Chef Behind High-End Clothing Firm, ‘Itz a Stitch’

Barbara Story, a chef who has alternated between Fort Washington and Chestnut Hill for the past 12 years, is behind high-end clothing firm, “Itz a Stitch.” Images via the Chestnut Hill Local.

Barbara Story, a professional chef who has alternated between Fort Washington and Chestnut Hill for the past twelve years, is the woman behind high-end, golf-inspired clothing firm, “Itz a Stitch,” writes Len Lear for the Chestnut Hill Local.

Story attended the legendary La Varenne Culinary School in Paris and went on to build her chef career in Boston and New York. She later managed a restaurant in Connecticut before running various public and private events at Bronx Zoo and the New York Aquarium.

Golf came into the picture when she and her ex-husband owned the Garrison Golf Course in New York State for a brief period. But following a clash with a local foundation, they had to sell the course for pennies on the dollar.

Afterward, she worked as an event coordinator for the Stephen Starr Organization, but was let go due to COVID-19.

However amid all of these changes, Story started her own clothing line in 2001 that sells items that appeal mostly to male golfers. Now that the pandemic has derailed her culinary career, she is focusing on her clothing line once again.

Read more about Barbara Story at the Chestnut Hill Local by clicking here.

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