A Montco Best-Seller, Phoenixville Kombucha Brewer Creates a Taste of Childhood

Images via County Lines Magazine.
Olga Sorzano with her great-grandmother.

For Olga Sorzano, Baba’s Brew in Phoenixville is much more than just a business, writes Alyssa Thayer for County Lines Magazine

Sorzano started making kombucha using the recipe of her great-grandmother Dora, affectionately called “Baba,” who raised her in South Siberia until she was six. Baba’s kombucha was considered a cure for all. 

Whenever she was not feeling well, Baba would tell Sorzano to “have some kombucha.”  

As it turns out, Baba was not that far off the mark. Kombucha, a fermented tea drink, has a host of beneficial probiotics and enzymes that help support a healthy microbiome. 

When she came to the U.S., Sorzano was happy to find kombucha in stores, but she was disappointed once she tried it. 

They were “too sweet, too sour, and too full of junk,” she said. 

So, she decided to make her own. She named the business in honor of Baba and uses locally sourced and organic ingredients to make kombucha. 

The business blossomed, and Olga Sorzano and her husband were able to quit their jobs and focus fully on Baba’s Brew. In 2019, they opened A Culture Factory in Phoenixville with a tasting room and education space. You can now find Baba’s Brew in Kimberton Whole Foods in Collegeville, Kimberton, and other local places.

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