Local Chef Declared ‘Nyet’ on American Kombucha, So She Created a Company to Brew Her Own


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Images via Baba's Brew.

When she first tried American kombucha, Olga Sorzano could not help but feel a little disappointed, writes Tiffany Rivera for the AL DÍA News.

Olga Sorzano-1-kombucha- baba's brew
Olga Sorzano with her brewed kombucha, Baba’s Brew. Kombucha is a great base for all kinds of fun drinks and cocktails. Images via Baba’s Brew.

Sorzano grew up in Siberia, in Russia. Instead of soda, her childhood go-to sweet beverage was kombucha, made by her grandmother (baba).

The drink comprises fermented black or green tea leaves, sugar, bacteria (the SCOBY), flavored fruits or spices, and yeast. It does produce an alcohol content, but not significant enough to warrant regulation.

When Olga Sorzano realized that local Kombucha did not taste the same as her grandmother’s, she decided to create her own. She used the family recipe and started Baba’s Bucha in Phoenixville.

She uses only natural and locally sourced ingredients to create the homemade beverage.

“The drink is something that I am very passionate about,” said Sorzano. “If I don’t want to serve it to my kids, I won’t serve it to anybody.”

She serves several flavors. One local favorite is Believe, named to honor the Eagles 2018 Super Bowl win.

The drink is available in about 350 locations in the Northeast region. It has also recently been selling at Phillies games, and “…the 76ers also drink it at their training facilities,” said Sorzano.

Listen to a podcast with editor Christine Tarlecki and Olga Sorzano, owner and creator of Baba’s Brew.

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