Wall Street Journal: All-American Norristown Company Makes the World’s Best Hoodies


Camber USA has reached cult status among true fans of hoodies who believe that the Norristown apparel manufacturer makes some of the best sweatshirts in the world, writes Jacob Gallagher for The Wall Street Journal.

And while its name may not be universally known, the company has been selling its comfortable and thick – but tender on the inside – hoodies in stores around the globe for years.

In Paris, for example, the sweatshirts sell for about $150, but stateside they can be found for around half that price.

The sweatshirts are also very popular in Japan and the United Kingdom, where Camber’s chunky pullover recently won a competition for the ultimate sweatshirt.

On average, Camber – which is strictly a wholesaler – produces 200,000 sweatshirts a year. All of them are made at its Norristown factory using American-made yarns.

The owner, Barry Schwartz, said he has received many offers to make the shirts overseas for a quarter of the price, but he refused each of them.

He has “held true to the belief that we really need to make the best and make it here in the United States,” he said.

Read more about Camber USA super-popular hoodies in The Wall Street Journal.

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