Surviving the Flood, Norristown Woman Becomes Hotel Ambassador to Those Displaced by Hurricane Ida

Yvonne Turner
Image via The Times Herald, Montgomery County.
Yvonne Turner

Following in the path of destruction left by Hurricane Ida a woman has become a hotel ambassador for Montgomery County, writes Rachel Ravina for The Times Herald.

Yvonne Turner was trapped inside her apartment building when it flooded during the storm of Hurricane Ida. But luckily she lived on one of the upper floors so was able to open a window and escape from the complex.

However, she still regards herself as very fortunate and since that day has been looking for ways to pay it forward.

She was already working as an administrative assistant for Montgomery County Commissioners Office and has been able to use the connections she has from working there to serve as a hotel ambassador.

Turner said that her team of four volunteer managers now looks after around 35 households. Her team is tasked with visiting the hotels to check in on their clients and ensure they have everything they need.

She also noted that the number of hotel rooms and length of stay varies but everyone in the program receives assistance through the county and its ambassador program.  

“It’s definitely been busy, but I’m a helper, so I find being able to be helpful very rewarding,” she said.

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