Officials Hail New Black Lives Matter Mural in Norristown as Symbol of Unity, Justice

Images via Municipality of Norristown Facebook.
Images via Municipality of Norristown Facebook.

Black Lives Matter mural envisioned by two local artists and brought to life by volunteers who worked on it tirelessly for a week was unveiled in downtown Norristown on Friday, writes Justin Heinze for the Patch.

Mural Black Lives Matter
Images via Municipality of Norristown Facebook.

The long awaited mural was approved unanimously by Norristown’s Municipal Council on August 5.

Norristown native Jeleata Nicole and Philadelphia artist Drew Montemayor worked on the artistic design, which was finalized in February.

The design was then painted onto the blacktop on the 400 block of Swede street at the Montgomery County Courthouse.

“The design is an intricate assortment of colors and symbols of peace,” organizers said.

The Black Lives Matter mural depicts several people who have fought for equality their entire lives, including civil rights activist and the late Congressman John Lewis along with civil rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. George Floyd, whose death at the hands of a Minneapolis police officer in 2020 prompted nationwide protests and calls for justice, is also included in the mural.

Officials who were present at the unveiling hailed the display as a symbol of unity and justice.

Read more about the Black Lives Matter mural in the Patch.

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