Flooded Homes, Destroyed Property Left Throughout Montgomery County in Wake of Hurricane Ida

Debris piled in street after Hurricane Ida
Image via Steven M. Falk, The Philadelphia Inquirer.
Debris piled up in the street in Mont Clare, with residents cleaning up after Hurricane Ida.

While Hurricane Ida might be over, the damage it left during its destructive path through Montgomery County still needs to be fully assessed, write Alfred Lubrano, Justine McDaniel, Laura McCrystal, and Ellie Rushing for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Spring-Ford High School football team volunteers
Spring-Ford High School football volunteers. Image via Danielle Rowe Folino, Mont Clare Facebook page.

In Mont Clare, residents had to endure their sixth day without electricity on Wednesday.

Trash bags filled with destroyed belongings filled the driveways while some residents even found live fish in their yards.

Local volunteers looked for ways to assist their neighbors, with residents donating more than $10,000 in materials, generators included, N95 masks, and construction bags.

The Spring-Ford High School football team joined forces with teachers and administrators from other local schools to help local homeowners.

Woman sitting outside in chair in Bridgeport.
Joan Burke in Bridgeport, after Hurricane Ida devastated Third Street. Image via Charles Fox, The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Meanwhile, many people in Bridgeport are still forced to sleep in hotels, for as long as they can afford it.

For some, like Joan Burke, that also means no visits from a home health nurse for her and her husband.

“It gets me frustrated even talking about it,” said Burke. “I don’t have a car no more. It floated away. All my stuff I worked hard for and bought – everything’s gone.”

Read more about the aftermath of Hurricane Ida in The Philadelphia Inquirer.


Fox 29 Philadelphia shares this viral video which captured the moment a man backflipped off of an overpass into the floodwaters filling I-676 in Center City on Thursday. (Disclaimer- don’t do this!)

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