Get Ready for Spooky Season with ShiverQuest in Gladwyne

ShiverQuest kids ar Riverbend.
Images via ShiverQuest.

Families FALL in love with nature at Riverbend’s Annual ShiverQuest Mystery scavenger hunt gets kids and parents outdoors this Fall!

Kids are having fun at ShiverQuest.
Kids having fun at Riverbend Environmental Education Center.

Riverbend Environmental Education Center is offering families a fun outdoor scavenger hunt at the 2nd Annual ShiverQuest.

It’s running weekends October 16 – November 7, 2021 at Riverbend’s idyllic nature preserve in Gladwyne, PA.

Families receive a mystery box in the mail, then visit Riverbend to complete a playful scavenger hunt amidst Riverbend’s beautiful fall canopy and colors.

A mobile phone app gamifies the experience while rewarding families for spending time in nature.

Perfect for families with children ages 3 and up, ShiverQuest helps parents introduce their young children to basic nature concepts while enjoying the glory of autumn along Riverbend’s forest trails.

Time in nature has become a proven way to relieve stress and boost children’s cognition.

ShiverQuest with kids.
ShiverQuest is coming!

“Our staff brought all their creativity and environmental educational expertise to designing a brand new mystery for kids this year, to help families combat the second year of pandemic fatigue,” says Riverbend Executive Director Erin Reilly.

The story revolves around a likeable turtle named Muddy who meets a monster who is curiously covered in trash.

Muddy will need your help to uncover the clues and help the monster! Order ShiverQuest scavenger hunt boxes online.

Riverbend Environmental Education Center teaches environmental principles to children in Southeastern Pennsylvania by connecting them with nature at our 30-acre Gladwyne nature preserve reserve and in their schools.

We inspire respect for our natural world and action as aware, responsible, and caring citizens.

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