Bryn Mawr-based Travel Agency Invented New Technique During Pandemic to Ensure Clients Reach Their Destination

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Image via Avenue Two Travel.

When the pandemic hit and constantly changing travel restrictions became the norm, Joshua Bush, CEO of Avenue Two Travel in Bryn Mawr, knew he would have to become creative to make sure his clients reach their destinations, writes Doug Gollan for Forbes.

He soon came up with a technique he calls “trip stacking.”

After he had been forced to book, cancel, rebook, and cancel the same trip repeatedly for his clients, he has now found a way to leverages flexible cancelation policies by booking two different trips over the same dates for the same clients.

By doing this, a client has a first and second choice, and if any travel restrictions change they can take the top option on the table, so his clients still have a way to travel.

This has boosted his business because clients are now buying more and traveling more. They can rebook the canceled trip, stacking it once again with a second option for new dates and a new vacation. The “Avenue Two Advantage” process allows the trip advisor to plan, execute and deliver amazing travel experiences designed to exceed your dreams.

Read more about Avenue Two Travel in Forbes.

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