As a Cure for Quarantine-itis, Montco Residents Cheer, ‘We’re Going to Disney World!’ (Or at Least Florida)

Philadelphians flocking to Florida
Image via Craig Adderly at Pexels.

This year-plus of pandemic restrictions has had residents across the region cooped up at home. As they emerge from their hibernations, Philadelphians are starting to travel once again. Their most chosen destination, reports David Murrell for Philadelphia Magazine, is Florida.

Citing the online flight-booking service Hopper, Miami and Orlando top the list. Local lockdown escapees bought more tickets there than anywhere. Fort Lauderdale is also among the top ten. 

These three Florida escapes comprise nearly a quarter of all flights booked during that period. 

Despite the trend coinciding with the gradual exit of COVID-19 restrictions, however, this isn’t a new development. The trend aligns with pre-pandemic traveling patterns, when Florida was also the favorite destination for most Philadelphians. 

The only international destination among the top ten in the past month is Cancun, Mexico, in ninth place. 

Despite the growing interest in travel, Philadelphia International Airport is still reporting considerably smaller travel volumes. 

In February, 375,000 travelers departed from the airport, down from a million two years ago. Projections for June, however, paint a better picture at an expected million travelers. 

Meanwhile, aside from Mexico and Canada, international travel still lags. Once-popular European destinations, for example, still get relatively few bookings. 

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