SNL’s “Murdur Durdur” Validated Career, Kate Winslet Says


So what was Kate Winslet’s greatest achievement in her career? If you ask her, she jokingly points to the Saturday Night Live parody of ‘Mare of Easttown,’ “Murdur Durdur,” writes Pat Ralph for

“I have never felt so validated as an actor in my entire life as I now do because of ‘Murdur Durdur,”’ Winslet told Entertainment Weekly.

The sketch played out as a commercial for a show, “Murdur Durdur,” which echoed the “Mare of Easttown” plot.

Kate McKinnon impersonated Winslet’s character, Mare Sheehan.

The Academy Award and Emmy-nominated actress says she and her family frequently re-watch the skit lampooning HBO’s limited series, “Mare of Easttown.”

“Every now and then in our household, we’ll be like, ‘Oh, should we just quickly watch it?’ And we’ll crowd around the iPhone crying with laughter,” Winslet said.

A focus of the SNL sketch was on ‘Mare’s’ local cultural references and the now-famous Delco accent.

Winslet has described the accent as one of her most challenging, noting it made her “throw things.”

The British actress has been nominated for an Emmy as Outstanding Lead Actress in a limited series for her portrayal in “Mare of Easttown.”

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Kate Winslet delves deep into her character Mare’s backstory and how she copes with immense personal grief while investigating a local murder.