Devoted ‘Mare’ Fans Bring a Darker Side of the Hit Series to Filming Areas


Police are warning fans of HBO’s “Mare of Easttown” that trespassing in Wallingford will not be tolerated, writes Dann Cuellar for

The HBO hit series brought a lot of national attention, most of it good, to Delaware County.

But some fans have been showing up to check out where scenes were filmed, including the home where Kate Winslet’s character, Mare, lived.

“We’ve had a few instances where people have come on to our property; one late at night to look in our front window. Supposedly, I can only guess to see if it’s the same as where they filmed the show,” said one homeowner.

A woman took pictures while the homeowner and her children were playing on the front lawn. When asked to stop, the lady cursed at her.

Now, her little girl is afraid to play outside, the homeowner said.

Patrols have been increased following complaints from residents.

“You know, we get it, we get it’s an attraction and HBO had a pretty big movie here now, but these people live here,” said Sgt. Michael Montgomery with the Nether Providence Township Police Department.

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