Bipartisan Bill Requires PA Department of Health to Retool Its Vaccine Rollout in Montgomery County

Image via Jose F Moreno, The Philadelphia Inquirer.

Pennsylvania House of Representatives had passed a bill requiring the Department of Health to retool its rollout of COVID-19 vaccine to let Philadelphia’s suburbs run their own mass vaccination sites, write Justine McDaniel and Erin McCarthy for The Philadelphia Inquirer.

If the bill is signed into law, the Department of Health will have to detail plans on how it will provide “sufficient doses” of vaccine to collar counties that have requested more doses. The bill would also kill the state’s plans for two mass vaccination clinics run by Pennsylvania Emergency Management Agency and would instead allow county health departments to distribute the doses.

The bipartisan bill still has to pass the state Senate and receive the stamp of approval from Gov. Tom Wolf, which is not likely to happen.  Even so, the bipartisan vote represents a strong rebuke of his administration’s rollout efforts.

“We need the governor and the Department of Health to understand that this is not a partisan issue,” said Rep. Jennifer O’Mara, chairwoman of the House Democratic Caucus’ Southeast delegation. “COVID-19 impacts all of us.”

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