Local Grads Develop a Coronavirus-Killing UV Light, The Hurricane

Christine Tarlecki
Image via Kathleeen E. Carey, MediaNews Group.
Close up of The Hurricane, a mobile device that kills viruses with ultraviolet light.

Two Sun Valley High School alum have come up with a device that uses ultraviolet light to kill any coronavirus that may be lurking about, writes Kathleen E. Carey for the Daily Times.

The Hurricane is a handheld device created by Ken Cage and Bob Weeks, in collaboration with Mike Bernhardt and Derek Hutchinson.

The 900-watt UV-C technology aims ultraviolet light at surfaces, killing viruses and bacteria.

The group developed the Hurricane through their company, The Platinum Group, to help a multi-national aviation company. There are other ultraviolet devices but they are larger, weighing 30 pounds. The Hurricane comes in at a svelte 11 pounds.

Weeks said Bernhardt took an existing technology and expanded upon it.

The Hurricane can eradicate a virus in less than a second from 20 inches away. The light lasts for 10,000 hours.

“It takes the microorganism of COVID and it renders it useless,” Weeks said. “The heat scrambles the DNA of the microorganism and renders it useless.”

The device has been tested on every possible surface including wood, plastic, leather and cotton and can sanitize a Boeing 747 in 12 minutes.

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