Montgomery County Switching to Pfizer Vaccine After Moderna Shortage Led to Closure of Mass Vaccination Site

Image via Pixabay.

Due to a shortage of Moderna COVID-19 vaccine that has caused another closure of one of its mass vaccination sites, Montgomery County has decided to switch to the Pfizer vaccine, according to a staff report from CBS Philly.

The Moderna vaccine allocation mistake in Pennsylvania has caused a massive shortage that could impact more than 100,000 vaccination appointments across the state.

Meanwhile local health officials still continue to emphasize that without a centralized system on the state level, issues like this will continue to happen.

“The logistical challenge of operating our mass vaccination clinics is changing weekly,” said Montgomery County Board of Commissioners Chair Dr. Valerie Arkoosh.

Consequently, one of the two mass vaccination sites had to be closed for the second time in as many weeks. Additionally, the county’s second site at Montgomery County Community College also had to close.

To circumvent this shortage, the county will be distributing the Pfizer vaccine for the first doses from Tuesday.

“This switch is based solely on which first dose vaccine is available to us from the Pennsylvania Department of Health,” said Arkoosh.

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