Ardmore Native’s New Philly Restaurant Quickly Grows in Popularity

Kevin Addis, an Ardmore native, may have opened his new Queen Village BYO, Mari, amid a pandemic, but still managed to grow its popularity quickly. Image via Main Line Today.

At the start of March, Kevin Addis, an Ardmore native, had everything set up to open his new Queen Village BYO, Mari, the following month, writes Michael Bradley for the Main Line Today.

“Then corona came and made everything different,” said Addis.

So instead of opening and trying to find revenue streams through curbside pickup and other creative options, he decided to wait.

He finally opened his doors for outdoor dining five months on.

“The response has been good,” he said.

A former dishwasher at Havertown’s Lamplighter Tavern, the 36-year-old now owns two successful Philadelphia ventures.

For his latest endeavor, Addis has created a menu with dishes that appeal to a broad clientele. And while the main focus is on Italian-style seafood, the menu also offers a range of chicken and lamb meals.

At present he is focusing on Mari, but after things stabilize there, Addis plans to return to the kitchen of his other Philadelphia eatery, Entree BYOB, on South Street. He currently has no plans for a third location.

“I’ve never had the goal of becoming a corporate chain or having a whole bunch of places,” he said.

Read more about Kevin Addis at the Main Line Today by clicking here.

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