Here Is What the Move from Red to Yellow Phase Will Entail for Montgomery County

Montgomery County will move from red to yellow phase on June 5, here is what that change will mean to local businesses and individuals. Image via Montgomery County Planning Commission.

Montgomery County is gearing up for the move from red to yellow phase of Gov. Tom Wolf’s tiered reopening on June 5, which will bring an easing of some restrictions and the opening of more businesses, according to a staff report from The Philadelphia Inquirer.

However, customers will still be greeted with potential mitigation efforts that include curbside pickup and a limited number of people allowed simultaneously in any one store.

Among the workplace restrictions, telework will continue where feasible. Businesses with in-person operations will have to follow business and building safety orders. Child care will open but will have to comply with official guidance.

Congregated care and prison restrictions will remain in place, and schools will stay closed for in-person instructions.

For social restrictions, stay at home orders will be lifted for aggressive mitigation, but large gatherings of more than 25 people remain prohibited. In-person retail will be allowed, but curbside and delivery are still recommended as preferable.

However, health and wellness facilities and personal care services along with all entertainment venues will remain closed.

Restaurants and cars will stay limited to carry-out and delivery only.

Read more about tiers for reopening at The Philadelphia Inquirer by clicking here.

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