Philadelphia Suburbs Turning Bluer As Party-Line Divide in Pennsylvania Deepens Ahead of April Primary

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The Philadelphia suburbs keep gaining Democratic voters faster than Republican as the party-line divide in Pennsylvania continues to deepen ahead of April 28 primary, writes Nick Field for the Pennsylvania Capital-Star.

There are currently 8,533,170 total registered voters in the Keystone State. Out of that number, 4,058,718 are Democrats and 3,256,004 are Republicans, giving the blue party an advantage of 802,714 voters.

Across the state, already red regions, such as North Central and Northeast Pennsylvania, have been gaining more Republican voters since 2016. Meanwhile, the blue regions, such as Southeast Pennsylvania, have continued to add Democratic voters in that same period.

Montgomery County has added 8,152 more new registered Democratic voters than Republicans, continuing its blue upward trajectory. Delaware County is not far behind as it has also seen a significant uptick in registered Democratic voters with 5,848 more registrations than Republicans.

Meanwhile, Chester County has registered 5,231 more Democratic voters than Republicans, bringing the county on the verge of eclipsing the GOP for the first time.

Read more about voter registration in Pennsylvania at the Pennsylvania Capital-Star by clicking here.


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