Nutrisystem CEO gives advice to young professionals

Nutrisystem CEO Dawn Zier shares her tips for success with young college graduates entering the workforce for the first time. (Image Courtesy of Nutrisystem)

Graduating from college is a stressful and uncertain time. Many students who are just beginning to make a career for themselves have a lot on their minds. Nutrisystem CEO Dawn Zier shares tips that helped her progress through her career in an attempt to guide young students entering the workforce.

“With graduation season upon us, I wanted to take the time to share some of the tips I have found to be beneficial to young graduates who are entering the workforce for the first time.,” writes Nutrisystem CEO Dawn Zier for

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Your career will not be linear. The majority of people do not stick one path their entire career. It’s okay to be indecisive about what you want to do for the rest of your life. Chances are your path will change with time. Even students who have a very clear idea of what they want to do after graduation, should expect their plans to change. The important thing to remember is to learn as much as you can and to make the most of every opportunity you get.

You are not finished with your education after you graduate.  Zier explains, “I’ve seen many promising hires fail, and many who didn’t seem so promising on paper, succeed. And the common thread is that those who succeed demonstrate an intense desire to continue to learn post college.” Successful people read a lot, and make good use of their time. If you have a long commute, it’s a perfect time to listen to audio books, podcasts, or any source for knowledge.

Make yourself noticed. One of the most common questions asked by young professionals is how to get ahead at work. The answer is very simple. Work hard and get noticed. Raise your hand and be willing to step up to challenges. Force your coworkers and superiors to notice you by volunteering for tough assignments and making yourself available.

If you don’t love it, leave. There will be many opportunities to find a career you love, unless you stick with a job you don’t. “Sometimes it takes courage to walk away or say no, but life is short. We spend a lot of our waking hours working, so if you don’t have a passion for what you do, find something else,” said Zier.

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