Amazon looks to Whole Foods for distribution hubs

Amazon launched a new service Wednesday that allows Whole Foods customers to shop via mobile app and have their grocery order carted out to their vehicles. (MONTCO.Today file photo.)

Online retail giant Amazon is looking to invest in larger Whole Foods stores to serve as distribution points. There currently are three Whole Foods stores in Montco.

Though the locations would be Whole Foods stores, they would also include storage facilities that would hold electronics, books and fitness gear from Amazon’s website, writes Lara O’Keefe at

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The stores would be nearly twice as large as current Whole Foods locations, ranging between 50,000 and 80,000 square feet.  While it is unclear at this time whether backrooms would be solely for delivery personnel or whether customers would be allowed to browse and buy in a similar manner to Best Buy stores, the move is meant to consolidate business operations and provide faster delivery to customers with locations being scouted in areas where there are large numbers of Amazon Prime subscribers.

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