Ambler Savings Bank Helps Jenkintown Bridal Shop Owner Unveil Success

Nicole Bridal customer
Image via Ambler Savings Bank.
Maria McDevitt helps a Nicole Bridal customer prepare for her big day.

Maria McDevitt recently became the owner of Nicole Bridal and Formal Shoppe in Jenkintown. The story of how she got there is nothing short of a fairy tale.

At the onset of her career, she worked in fashion merchandising. But she had dreams for more.

“When I was in preschool I used to draw pictures of wedding gowns and hand them out to people,” said McDevitt.

That dream from childhood never faded.

“Owning my own business designing wedding gowns has always been the goal for me.”

Stitching together the Elements to Succeed

McDevitt married her career goal to some hard-earned education. She received her Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Design from Philadelphia University and an MBA from St. Joseph’s University.

After having some success making her own clothing line, she was ready to take the next step. She landed a part-time job at Nicole Bridal and found its environment and stream of customers energizing.

“I’ve always had that passion to work with people, own a business, and provide a service for the community,” McDevitt said.

She worked initially as an apprentice under the shop’s owner and dressmaker, who quickly realized that she was a good candidate to take over for her upon her impending retirement.

In 2021, McDevitt was given the opportunity to buy the business and continue its legacy, which has been serving the local wedding fashion trade since 1975.

Overcoming a Solo Hurdle

There was only one thing in McDevitt’s way.

“I was given the opportunity to follow my dream of owning a bridal salon, but I needed a loan to do it,” she explained.

McDevitt was connected to Ambler Savings Bank by a friend when she was overwhelmed in trying to figure out how she could get a small business loan.

“I was looking all over for lending options, and the connection with Ambler Savings Bank was completely different than at other banks. It felt like a community that wanted to help lift you up and help the community grow by funding small businesses,” remembered McDevitt.

Helen Graner, Ambler Savings Bank Commercial Lending Officer, started working with Maria to apply for a Small Business Administration (SBA) Loan. The SBA offers lending options that are competitive, have lower down payments, and require no collateral for some loans.  

“Any other banks I spoke to, the deals weren’t great. And they made me feel insecure about being a single woman looking to start a business,” recalled McDevitt.

A Positive Experience

The positive experience at Ambler Savings Bank resulted from the one-on-one lending support Graner supplied.

“Helen walked me through everything. I think I talked to her every single day on the phone,” continued McDevitt.

“We take time to understand our clients’ needs, and we become your business partner and friend along the way,” remarked Graner.

In closing, McDevitt said, “If it wasn’t for Ambler Savings Bank, I wouldn’t have reached my dream, I wouldn’t have a loan and I wouldn’t have this business.”

More Information

Ambler Savings Bank specializes in business loans, commercial real estate, lines of credit, SBA loans and other financial products. More information helpful business information — such as that which aided Maria McDevitt at Nicole Bridal — is on its website.


An Ambler Savings Bank video version of Maria McDevitt and Nicole Bridal and Formal Shoppe, Jenkintown.

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