Chester’s Health Mats Keeps Safety a Priority in Buildings Across the Delaware Valley

Kristina Smith, Business Development and Marketing Manager of Health Mats. Health Mats is cleaning 25,000 lbs of rubber mat per day for commercial properties throughout the tri-state region.

By Chris Cooper

When the folks at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia needed a large, customized floor mat at its entry to ensure the safety of its hundreds of thousands of annual visitors, they didn’t reach out to Cintas, Aramark, or another nationally renowned company.

They contacted Health Mats, a family-owned business right here in our backyard.

The 48-year-old company in Chester is one of the largest providers of mats and mat rentals in Greater Philadelphia. It offers a full range of entrance floor mats, logo floor mats, anti-fatigue floor mats, and scraper mats, as well as facilities products like dust mops and wet mops and hygiene and restroom products.

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Health Mats’ oversized floor mats, custom logos, and specific rubber backing are three attributes that differentiate the company from most of its competitors.

“We designed, created, and installed the mat in the National Constitution Center just in time for Independence Day,” said Kristina Smith, the Business Development and Marketing Manager at Health Mats. “We were very excited about that.”

The Health Mats Business Development team consists of sales, marketing, and service that fully supports our clients with walkway safety solutions that address both form and function.

“Safety is the number one thing we do,” she said, further describing how dirt, moisture, uneven wear, and ill-fitting mats can lead to slips, injuries, and liability issues.

According to Smith, “a thousand people a day may be bringing in 20 pounds of dirt to a building each month, and vacuuming will only clean about 10 percent of that dirt. A mat that is not properly maintained will lose its ability to function.”

Small issues can then lead to bigger ones when excess dirt and moisture are tracked into a building, soiling carpets and floors and eventually creating a safety hazard. Experts know that the only way to thoroughly clean a mat is with an industrial laundry program, the kind that Health Mats provides.

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The company that prides itself on “Walkway Safety Solutions” will send a floor safety expert to each customer for a walk-through of his or her entire building. As part of this Walkway Safety Program, Health Mats will then recommend the style, size, and quantity of mats needed, and how frequently those mats should be maintained.

Health Mats offers a free mat trial to new customers and there is no upfront cost to begin a scheduled mat program. Participants in the Mat Rental Program only pay for a regular cleaning on a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly schedule.

“The customer is not paying anything up front for the mats we install,” said Smith. “They just pay for the laundering service based on the frequency of foot traffic in their building. It’s a cost-effective program, because if the mats are not adequately maintained, the building will eventually have to spend even more money to have them replaced with new ones.”

Customers who want custom logos on their mats can simply send in a logo or design and Health Mats will send back a proof of what the final version will look like.

Click here for more information on Health Mats, its product line, mat safety issues, a free mat trial for new customers, or how to contact a representative for expertise on walkway safety solutions.

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