West Conshohocken’s ASTM International Launches Cannabis Standards Committee

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Keeping up with the times, century old global standards group ASTM International from West Conshohocken has launched a cannabis committee to would work on creating voluntary standards for the fast emerging industry, writes Alicia Wallace for The Cannabist.

The volunteer committee on cannabis will discuss and develop standards in areas such as personnel training, cultivation, and security. The committee was established after an all-day meeting that was followed by a vote of 60 stakeholders, including representatives from inside and outside the cannabis industry.

The committee is planning to develop standard relating to indoor and outdoor horticulture and agriculture, quality management systems, laboratory, processing and handling, security and transportation, personnel training, assessment and credentialing.

If approved by ASTM’s board of directors, the newly formed committee would become one of over 140 standards-writing committees at the organization.

“I think it provides a solid foundation for the industry to develop strong, ethical standards,” said Jeremy Applen, a cannabis industry consultant focused on regulations, product quality, and product safety.

According to ASTM officials, the cannabis committee could be setting standards within months.

“The cannabis industry touches different pockets of industry,” explained Christine DeJong, ASTM’s director of business development. “There’s so much applicability for this.”

Read more about ASTM International’s cannabis plans at The Cannabist by clicking here.


Top photo credit: UsualRedAnt Nutzhanfblüte via photopin (license)


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