Jenkintown Artist Creates an Ilya Bryzgalov Inspired Tattoo for Flyers Fan

Jason Maybruck of the Noble Heart Galley in Jenkintown has transformed a quote made by Ilya Bryzgalov into a tattoo for a Flyers fan, Marisa.

The wisdom of Ilya Bryzgalov, the former NHL goalie and source of many famous hockey quotes, has been turned into a tattoo for one Flyers fan by a Jenkintown artist, writes Sean Leahy for Yahoo!Sports.

Bryzgalov has gifted the hockey world with numerous colorful quotes, and the one that he made during the Philadelphia Flyers’ 2012 playoff series especially stuck with huge fan Marisa.

She decided to celebrate her 30th birthday by tattooing a Bryzgalov quote that was in response to a reporter’s question about his biggest fear before a game. He replied that he is not afraid of anything except for a bear, and the bear is in the forest.

“I took it as fear is natural but don’t let it rule your life,“ said Marisa.

To get the tattoo done, she turned to artist Jason Maybruck of the Noble Heart Galley in Jenkintown. The final result ended up getting mostly positive reactions from Marisa’s friends and family.

“A mixture of polite nods and outright hysterics,” she said.

However, the most important opinion came when Marisa tweeted about it directly to Bryzgalov, who responded “I like it a lot.“

Read more about the tattoo at Yahoo!Sports  by clicking here.

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